Protect Your Privacy, Call Safely!

What is it?

Call-Safely allows you to safely call or text others without ever revealing your real phone number. It does NOT just fake your caller-id. Your caller-id is set to a real, working phone number that the person you called can use to call you back or text/SMS you.

Get your own number

Need a temporary number in a hurry?  Call-Safely can get you a new number in any area-code you want for as little or as much time as you want.  No long-term contracts or obligations!

Get calls and texts on your Call-Safely number

When some you called using Call-Safely calls you back, your phone rings and you have the option of accepting the call, sending them to voicemail, or just hanging up.  They will never know your real phone number.  The voicemail system they are sent to is separate from your phone’s normal voicemail and it can be accessed directly from the app.

SMS/Text messages sent to your Call-Safely number are emailed to you and stored in your account to retreive directly from the app.

Super simple to use

No complicated signups or settings.  Simply download the app, authenticate against your Google account and start dialing.

You remain in full control

Press the “Dialed” button to see a list of numbers you have called using Call-Safely.  Touch any of those numbers to change how long calls from that number are forwarded to you, send them directly to voicemail, or just delete them so they can no longer contact you.


If a person that you have called using Call-Safely, sends a text message (SMS) to the numb


r they think you called from, that text will be sent to your account. It will not show up in your normal text messaging application.  Instead, you will need to log into the Call-Safely app to check for incoming texts.  You will get an email as soon as the text message is received.

You can respond to texts directly from the app without revealing your real phone number.


We want this app to work for you.  If you are having any issues, please write to and we will work with you to fix the problem or refund your purchase price.  Please do this before leaving a negative comment.