Frequently Asked Questions

I just added funds to my account and it is still saying I have a low balance.
If you paid using Google Checkout, we have noticed that it has started to take much longer to process payments.  Please be assured that your payment will be processed and as soon as we are notified by Google that the payment has cleared, your account will be credited.  This is an automated process and there is not much we can do to speed things up at Google.  If you don't see a credit in 2-3 hours, please write to us and we will investigate the matter further.  Most of the time when this happens, it is because you paid using a different email address than the one that is registered with Call-Safely.  Again, send us an email specifying both email addresses and forward us the payment receipt from Google and we will credit your account ASAP. 

I just purchased the app and it is not installing.
Please contact the administrators of the market in which you got the app (e.g. Google's Android Market) for any issues with downloads.  They control that entire process.  Sometimes, if you power cycle your phone and try to install the app again, such issues go away.  You will not be charged for the app if the purchase was successful the first time.

My calls are not going through.
Some possible reasons for this:
    • You are dialing your own number.  You cannot call yourself using Call-Safely.
    • Your caller-id blocked.  Call-Safely needs to know the number you are calling from in order to connect you to the number you are actually calling.
    • You are not logged in or registered correctly.  Make sure your the main page says, "Logged in as xxxx" somewhere towards the middle of the screen.

Custom Numbers

What does Get CS Number mean?  What does that button do?
Get CS Number or Get Call-Safely Number allows you to have Call-Safely assign a phone number for the person you are calling or texting.  Just put in a phone number in the box above the button and press the button.  The server will be contacted and a CS Number will be assigned to the phone number you have in the box.  From then on, any time the person (and only that person) calls or SMS/texts the assigned CS Number, your phone will get the call or text message.  
What does the Call Immediately button do?
It gets a CS Number and then immediately calls the number in one step.  

What is the Dialed button for?

Pressing the 'Dialed' button brings up a list of all the numbers you have called or texted through Call-Safely.  It will show you the person's phone number (or name if they are in your phone's contacts) and the CS number that was used to call them.  It will also show you the time at which the number will expire.  After expiration, calls from that number will no longer be forwarded to you.  Press the number to extend expiration or to delete the number.

I bought a Custom CS number but some other number is being used when I call or text someone.
You must have dialed that number before getting a Custom CS number.
Once you have dialed/texted a person using a CS Number (Custom or Randomly Assigned), whenever you call that person, the same CS number will be use every time.  This will happen even if you select a different Custom CS number.  If you really want to call the same person using a different number (Custom or Randomly Assigned), go to the 'Dialed' menu and 'delete forever' that person's number.  Then come back to the main screen to pick the CS number you want to use for subsequent calls/texts to that person.

VMS (Voice Message Service)

What is VMS?
VMS is short for Voice Message Service.  A service unique to Call-Safely with which you can send short voice messages to others' phones. The recipient receives the message as a spoken message delivered via a normal phone call. You type in message just as you would an SMS/Text message, but instead of pressing the Send SMS button, press the Send VMS button.  That's it.  The person is called and the message is read to them by a synthesized voice.  No human being ever reads your message.

How much do VMS messages cost?
The same as SMS/Text messages.  If the person chooses to call you back, you will be charged per minute for the duration of the returned call.

Can a VMS recipient call me back?
Yes, if you set the Allow Callback option for the message.

Can a VMS recipient leave a message for me?
Yes, if you set the Leave Message option.

Can I ask a question and get a response?
Yes, we currently support a number of possible responses that you can ask for using the Response Options setting.  Responses are sent to you in real time as the recipient answers them.

How do I set VMS options/settings?
In the main or SMS screens, press Menu->Settings.

 Can I shut VMS off?  The button is taking up too space.
Yes, just uncheck the Show VMS button setting under Menu->Settings.