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Call Cloaking

Call Cloaking allows you to change your caller id on outbound phone calls from your mobile phone.  
Before you can cloak your number with a different number, you need to verify the number you want to use as your cloak.  This is to ensure you actually own the number and have access to it.  

Once verified, you will see a drop-down list on the home page of the app where you can pick a number to use for your next outbound call.  Just pick the number you want to use and then dial a number as you would with the app.  NOTE: do not dial the number using your phone's regular dialer application.

To verify a number
1. Press Menu, the press Verify Number
2. Type in the number you want to add to your list of cloaking numbers.
3. Press Verify
4. You will see a code displayed on your screen and shortly after that, the number you entered in step 2 will ring.
5. Pick up the phone and when prompted, enter the code shown to you in step 4.