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Making Phones Calls with Call-Safely

To make a phone call:
1. Enter a phone number in the 'Phone Number' box.
2. Press 'Call Immediately'.  Your phone will dial the Call-Safely number assigned to the number your want to dial, you will hear the words 'Safe Calling' and then the number you are calling will start calling.  The person you called will see the Call-Safely number in their caller-id display.

If you just want to find out the CS number that will be assigned to the number you are calling, press 'Get CS Number' instead of 'Call Immediately'.  This way a CS number will be assigned but no phone call will be made.

You can see all CS numbers assigned to numbers you have called or assigned in the past by pressing the 'Dialed' button.

If you have verified a number or want to use a specific Custom Number you have purchased, make sure you pick that number from the drop down list on the screen before making the call.  

NOTE:  if you already have a CS number assigned to the number you are calling, the drop down list is ignored.  In other words, once you have called a number with a specific CS number, the same CS number is used every time you call that number.  If you want to use a different CS number or use a newly purchased Custom Number, go into the 'Dialed' page, and delete the number you want to call from the 'Dialed' list.